«… in general there seems to be endless amounts of inventionism and an inner urge to lead the listener to surprising places in the musical landscape.»

When you enter the world of the trans Scandinavian ensemble Sekten, you´ll encounter a whiff of madness and frail naïvity combined with musical breadth and instrumental mastery. The Swedish lyrics are sung beautifully straight, or unpleasantly threatful. Strong melodic themes are being presented on layers of rhythms and improvisations played with fearless spontaneity.

On stage, Sekten is performing uniformed and give the audience a total conceptual experience of the stage set and the music. With focus on improvisation, intuition and interaction, this unique band delivers a constantly surprising performance.

Qarin Wikström - vocal

Simon Toldam - piano

Putte Johander - bass

Stephan Sieben - guitar

Knut Finsrud - drums


Mäktiga Vingar


Release: November 1st 2008


Annars är det tyst


Release: January 1st 2005




Release: February 1st 2012

“Det muntre og rene design, den humoristisk-studentikose stemning og den både sprælske og stramme musiceren gør Sofie Tønsbergs musikfilm til en fyldestgørende introduktion til Sektens univers.”

                    Kim Skotte, Politiken


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