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SHITNEY SPEARS                     Listen

When other girls played with the dolls, she secretly built her first mini guitar. When other girls tried on mom´s high heels, she wrote her first political song and dressed up as a liquorice candy for her kindergarden party. When other girls went all kuku with boys, she believed she can one day become Alice Cooper.

Qarin Wikström – synthesizers, voice, other electronics

Katrine Amsler – selfmade instruments, small synthesizers

Maria Faust – reed instruments, pedals

WIKSTRÖM/MANISCALCO (SE/IT)                    Listen

Qarin Wikström. Vocals, electronics.

Emanuele Maniscalco. Piano.

The two musicians met in late 2012 and had their debut concert at Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2013: both moving within jazz and experimentation, going in different directions in order to develop their own language. Looking at their background, they may appear as quite peculiar characters in the scene: her founding and leading bands like Kostcirkeln and Sekten, unquiet and unique creatures which strongly contributed to eliminate genres in nordic independent music of the last decade; him spending his twenties in Italy as an adventurous drummer, pianist, composer and bandleader (now recording for labels like ECM and El Gallo Rojo), later moving to Copenhagen for the sake of a more vibrant music scene.

Qarin and Emanuele are merging their stories together into a work which blends acoustic and electronic sounds, slowness and nervousness, song-conscious approach and minimalistic improvisation:

«while some artists rush to fetch a piece of undefined New and others take great care of the Old - this work points out the increasing frailty of contemporary life (its underrated importance in every human activity) as a main source of inspiration, resulting in an open-hearted homage to subtle imperfection and quiet chaos; everything is old and new at the same time».

In 2014 the duo started working on a performance called “We Are All Sanpaku”, in collaboration with dancer and choreographer Diego Tortelli.