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An alternative pop quintet with Swedish lyrics and a passion for experimenting.

The Swedish singer and composer Qarin Wikström has in this group, Kostcirkeln, gathered her closest musical soulmates, and created music in the style of garage disco with candyfloss-heartful lyrics. A modern angle on alternative pop music.

Kostcirkeln came with their debut-album in 2007, and journalist Bjarke Søballe Andersen from Geiger wrote about Wikström in his review: ”… this is a musical mastermind we´re dealing with.” The mastermind is back with an EP that you will put on for your private solo-dancing in the kitchen, or on a road trip in the dark, and when you feel like flashing your new rollerskates on the party at your local skating rink.

Bästa vän is the first EP in a row of three. Second part will be released autumn 2012, and the the triology will be completed early spring 2013.

Booking (Danmark):    Jim @ Merger

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Qarin Wikström - vocal/keys

Simon Toldam - keys/bass

Jakob Falgren - gui/bass

Stephan Sieben - gui

Anders Provis - drums


Release: June 5th 2007

Geiger - Bjarke Søballe Andersen

”… this is a musical mastermind we´re dealing with.”


Bästa vän


Release: April 1st 2012


Jazznyt.blogspot (DK)
"In a challenging and playful mix between "plink plonk" and trashy disco, Wikström made songs, which are more quaint than straight"

Information (DK) - Ralf Christensen:
"The blissful EP "Bästa Vën settles nicely into the formbreaking and unpretentious world of ILK"

Gaffa (DK)
"Especially the playful "Först Var Dom Vackra, Sen Blev Dom Fula" is a glorious display of both trashy and inventive garage-disco with plenty of slightly freaky components"