An alternative pop quintet with Swedish lyrics and a passion for experimenting.

 In 2012, Kostcirkeln released the EP ”Bästa vän”, the first part in a trilogy. Second part was a matchbox in 2013, with the EP ”Innehåll: Musik” and very soon, the trilogy will be completed with the EP ”Pang”, on CD and notebook.

”Pang” is offbeat and sophisticated avant garde pop with influences from afro beat, garage, disco and punk. The music and lyrics are very direct, with a touch of sweetness, energetic anarchy and loving nostalgia. All backed up by sparkling arrangements with sharp edges. Since their latest release, the band has reconstituted their line up, proceeding their heading for a more synthesized and electronic sound.

Kostcirkelns expression has a rarely seen musical playfulness and subtlety.

Qarin Wikström - vocal/keys

Simon Toldam - keys/bass

Stephan Sieben - gui

Anders Bach - drums

Booking (Danmark):    Jim @ Merger

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… Kostcirkeln proposes a vision of pop music that reminds you of dozen of things but is unlike none of them really. Fun, refreshing, startling. A great example of "for something completely different" kind of music.

– Jazzalchemist

“‘Pang’ (…) it’s a grand culmination on the project and the best of the three in my opinion with a more coherent, tight and

dry (punk-)rocking sound.” – All Scandinavian

"The sun never sets in this music. What might mess it up, while you leisurely count your toes under the summer sun, is

the bolt cutter-sudden changes of tempo. Hurray to this! Giggle-maximum and triumph for this Swedish-Danish cooperation. ” –

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